(941) 725-8658

(941) 725-8658 
Suncoast K9 Concierge, LLC 

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oCertified in Pet CPR & First Aid by The Red Cross

Suncoast K9 Concierge, LLC

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Customized care for your pets.  Every visit is tailored to their needs and regular schedule. Fresh water, feeding, treats, playtime w/ enrichment toys, belly rubs, obedience reinforcement, potty walk w/ waste clean up & even medication.  Mail collection, newspaper retrieval, indoor plant care, turning lights on/off, adjusting blinds at no extra charge w/ pet visit.  Pic & text to you at each visit so you have the peace of mind that your dog and your home are cared for.

Daily/ Vacation Care Visit Rate   

Starting at $25 for 30 minute visit depending on location - $5 surcharge added for visits after 8 PM
Starting at $35 for 60 minute visit before 8PM depending on location - $5 surcharge added for visits after 8PM

60 Minute visits are recommended for high energy pets that require a lot of exercise/play and/or multiple pet households.

Hourly Pet Sitting - 

Available on case by case basis

Holiday Care 

$10 fee + regular rates.  Holidays are: NYE, NY Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Pick up/Return Key Fee:   

$15 if we need to pick up or return keys before/after services are provided.  2 keys is requested and preferred.

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